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Building a powerful system to support Greenpeace’s award-winning editorial activities

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A platform

for progress

At ON, we strive to go further and deeper than simply supporting teams in the delivery of excellent digital experiences. In our role as technology partners, we facilitate the conversations which will enable the organizations we work with to create the best-informed version of their digital vision — in the earliest stages of the project. We help define not just what a platform can do, but all it can be.

We partnered with creative studio S-T to imagine, design and realise an inspiring new home for Greenpeace’s investigative journalism. Coinciding with a new name and visual identity developed by S-T, we helped facilitate the launch of Unearthed, a digital-first brand seeking environmental justice.

Enriched storytelling

From the editor to the reader

Working from the stable foundation of a rigorous technical brief, creativity can flourish. Considering every need of the user - from an editor’s and reader’s point of view - we set out to achieve a comprehensive system of rich, dynamic layouts to establish new content as well as accommodate more than 1,000 existing posts that needed to be seamlessly migrated. More than this, old features were enhanced with all-new features, refreshing existing content for a growing audience.

No fixed process

The fast turnaround of the project required an agile process that adapted and evolved effortlessly through rapid prototyping and previews. Through this pragmatic and responsive style of working, all partners - whether designers, developers, writers, or editors - were empowered to produce outstanding work that would truly come alive in the digital space.

Powerful words...
and pictures

Beautiful, legible and responsive typography sat at the heart of the brief, alongside the need for a presentation of images that showcased the extraordinary quality and breadth of the Greenpeace image bank.

Freedom of expression

Today, using a highly scalable and customizable modular approach, the platform allows all content creators to create rich editorial layouts on the fly, making publishing an easy and enjoyable experience for everybody at Greenpeace. Our aim was to give the editors of Unearthed the maximum amount of freedom and support to express their stories exactly as they desire. No restrictions — every story can be treated uniquely.

Unearthed image
Unearthed Image
Unearthed company website image

Evolving with confidence

The platform we produced for Greenpeace has continually responded to the organization’s needs for ongoing refinement and evolution, growing with their ambitions and adapting to the kind of content they want to share. We launched the new platform in 2017 and have been working to support and equip their technical team ever since — all the while remaining sympathetic to their existing internal technologies. New features are constantly being created and refined to keep up with the ever-changing environmental conversation.

“Our editorial vision has been expertly delivered through a platform that amplifies our stories and inspires action. ON has been a trusted partner across the last 4 years helping to ensure the platform continues to grow and be accessible to our audiences.”

Justin Victor
Digital Platform Manager of
Greenpeace logo

“ON brought our new identity for Unearthed to life, translating purposeful design into strong editorial capabilities.”

Steve Fenn
Founder of
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