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Ensuring a smooth digital transition for a cloud-based payments service

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Libeo is a cloud-based payments service that allows users to collect, manage, and pay all supplier invoices quickly and easily. Their target market is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and their technology aims to replace the time-consuming manual processing of payments with a fast and secure automated system.

In close partnership with design studio Koto who developed the brand identity, we conceived and engineered a new website for Libeo, working to improve functionality, SEO and UX. The project involved 3 phases: the creation of a new website, content migration, and a stream of new features and animations.

We were able to ensure a smooth transition from the website’s previous incarnation in WordPress to Storyblok, a headless CMS system which enabled us to create a faster, more dynamic website that is also more energy efficient. We also developed a system which allowed the client to create pages ‘on the fly’, whilst maintaining the brand and design language created by Koto.

Content and SEO

Because their previous website used WordPress, Libeo wanted a CMS that would be easy to edit and update. We built a headless CMS using Storyblok, and created a user manual which enabled the client to make their own changes, and contribute to building pages, all the while keeping them involved at every step of the design process.

In order to deal proactively with the SEO issues that arise during the process of website migration, we worked on optimizing the multiple components and images, along with keyword research and proposals for ‘stickier’ blog titles. The migration of content included over 400 pages, for which we created our own customizations to the existing tools in Storyblok in order to ensure a faster, automated and streamlined process.

Result and impact

As a consequence of our SEO strategic interventions, website sessions have increased by an average of 279% from 2020 with goal conversion up 194%. We also created a smooth handover to allow both the internal marketing and development team to be able to manage the site completely in-house.

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